TKS specializes in the Industrial and Maritime industries. TKS and its employees are proud to provide scaffold and containment support for our Navy. TKS understands how to get a job done on schedule ALWAYS, due to years of working on NAVY ships there is no excuse for not getting our part done and getting ships back out to protecting our great country. This has allowed us to meet critical schedule milestones and work at a pace that is second to none.

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Shrinkwrap Containment

TKS specializes in Shrinkwrap containment. Shrinkwrap containment is great option for keeping out the elements from disrupting your work area, also great for keeping debris from escaping. TKS builds containment for abatement, sandblast, paint, all kinds of work that requires a controlled environment. TKS has the capabilities to build Scaffold and Containment over water and allow a sandblasting company to perform sandblasting and paint with ZERO debris leaving the contained area. TKS can do any size job from a small scaffold tower to an entire Navy ship encapsulated the size of 3 football fields.

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Deck Protection

We also offer Deck Protection for any size decks needed, we offer different colors and mill thickness for short term or long term deck protection.

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